Electric Car Sales To Reach 21 Million Globally By Year 2030

New analysis by Deloitte says electric car sales expected to hit 21m on the road globally in the next 10 years

At the end of 2018 there were two million electric cars.  The Deloitte report expects that number to rise to four million next year (2020), twelve million in 2025 and finally 21 million by 2030.   That means that by 2030 electric car sales will account for 70 per cent of all vehicle sales globally.

The report goes on to say the main reason for the uptake of electric cars would be government incentive’s for EV purchases, penalties imposed on the use of petrol and diesel vehicles, and growing consumer demand for greener vehicles

The upfront cost is currently a barrier to the wider uptake in of electric car sales, but according to the research, improving technology will reduce the cost of an electric car relative to a petrol car, with an expectation of parity globally by 2024 and in the UK by 2021.

Deloitte partner Michael Woodward said: “In the UK, the cost of petrol and diesel vehicle ownership will converge with electric over the next five years.

“Supported by existing government subsidies and technology advances, this tipping point could be reached as early as 2021.”

Electric cars the same price as ICE vehicles by 2021 in the UK? As much as i’d Like to believe it, it seems unlikely to drop so much so soon. Especially since the UK government reduced the grant in November last year due to “higher than expected up take in electric vehicles”

Watch this space I suppose...