Public EV Chargers

Former Top Gear Host Urges UK Prime Minister To Cut The Cost of EV Charging

Motoring campaign group FairCharge, founded by former Top Gear host Quentin Willson in 2021, is urging the Government to take action by reducing the VAT rate on public EV chargers. The aim is to incentivize more drivers to embrace electric vehicles and contribute to the ongoing EV revolution.

As electric vehicle sales surge, the cost of public EV charging has also seen a notable increase. According to Zapmap, rapid charging prices rose by 53 percent between June 2022 and June 2023. Recognizing the impact of these rising costs, FairCharge emphasizes the significance of maintaining affordable charging options.

Quentin Willson, the renowned motoring journalist and founder of FairCharge, has been actively championing the cause for the past 18 months. With the support of 50 parliamentarians, the campaign group’s efforts are gaining traction.

Highlighting the urgency of the transition to electric vehicles, Quentin Willson emphasizes the need for reduced charging costs. He emphasizes, “We’ve had enough subsidies for fossil fuels, and we now face a climate emergency and air quality issues. It’s crucial to prioritize this new technology.”

FairCharge aims to create an environment where low charging costs inspire more individuals to embrace electric vehicles. By doing so, they believe local manufacturers can effectively compete with international counterparts.

Willson further emphasizes the Government’s responsibility to prioritize the electric vehicle transition, ensuring the UK doesn’t lag behind. He points out China’s leadership in the EV market and America’s substantial investment of $390 billion in EV subsidies. Therefore, holding the Government accountable is of utmost importance to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the significance of electric cars.