Lucid Air Software Update 1.1.4 Release Notes

This article contains the official Lucid Air software update release notes for software version 1.1.4


With this Lucid Air software update, we’re launching new features for DreamDrive, our advanced driver assistance system. This DreamDrive update will occur in two parts. We’re also enhancing vehicle and infotainment system performance for an improved overall user experience. Adaptive Cruise Control is not active in this version 1.1.4, though you may notice minor display changes made in preparation for its deployment. Adaptive Cruise Control will be made available in your next over-the-air update (version 1.1.5). Before beginning this lucid air software update, make sure your vehicle is not plugged in.


Technology is a trusted copilot, giving drivers eyes on all sides and helping them detect things their own eyes can’t. This first DreamDrive update allows you to access several new features that harness the power of your Lucid Air’s sensors and improves your experience whenever you’re behind the wheel.

Your vehicle is capable of detecting objects in your path, including other vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians. If the vehicle determines a collision is imminent, it will warn you, then initiate Automatic Emergency Braking to avoid or reduce the severity of impact. Note your vehicle may not detect stationary objects in time to avoid collision at certain speeds.

Cross Traffic Protection warns you if there is a risk of collision with another vehicle approaching from either direction, both in front of or behind you. It will initiate emergency braking if needed to avoid impact.

Lane Departure Protection helps keep your Lucid Air from unintentionally straying from the driving lane. It will alert you if it detects an unintended departure and initiate corrective steering if needed to bring your vehicle back into the lane.

Stopped in traffic? Traffic Drive-Off Alert will gently notify you if the vehicle in front of you has moved but yours has not.

Traffic Sign Recognition uses your Lucid Air’s front camera to identify important road signs. It can notify you if the speed limit changes or if you’re driving against traffic to help you follow the rules of the road.

You can learn more about each of these features in your digital Owner’s Manual. None of these features are a replacement for attentive driving, and you are responsible for maintaining control of your vehicle.


Your Lucid Air features an unprecedented level of customization, with unique user profiles it can detect through a key fob, mobile device, and even facial recognition.

In this update, we fixed an issue that may have prevented users from being able to use their Lucid ID to log in to their vehicles.

We also made other minor enhancements and improvements to facial recognition, driver PINs, and profile settings.


In this update, we’ve made general interface enhancements and improvements for a smoother Navigation experience. We’ve also made it easier to search for additional stops or points of interest and add them to your route. Directions to a last-minute snack spot or rest area are now just a few taps away.

You can now also download individual maps by state, province, or territory for easier navigation in areas where your network connection might be spotty.

Finally, we’ve given you increased control over your personal data by making it easier to delete saved maps from the vehicle.

Lucid Air Software Update


Software brings your vehicle to life, and software updates like this one are sent to your vehicle over the air.

We’ve improved the overall over-the-air update experience, as well as the clarity of the information we provide before you launch an update, so you know exactly what to expect. We also fixed an issue where an update might not have started as expected, so we can effectively deliver enhancements to make your Lucid even better.


  • We fixed an issue where the Pilot Panel and Glass Cockpit might reboot unexpectedly.
  • We made improvements to Media, including how Radio and Alexa work.
  • Other minor updates, improvements, and fixes. is not associated or affliated with Lucid Motors in any way. These Lucid Air software update release notes have simply been copied here to create a log of the improvements and changes to the Lucid Air software over time.