Lucid Air Software Update UX 2.0

The rollout of the highly anticipated Lucid Air Software Update UX 2.0 has started. With an impressive number of refinements, upgrades and new features, here’s a breakdown of everything you can expect from the latest and greatest update.

The mammoth Over-The-Air (OTA) update was made available October 13th and will be available for free to all Lucid Air vehicles over the next few weeks. The update is the biggest from the electric vehicle manufacturer to date and brings dozens of new features and improvements.

Highlights of new features in Lucid UX 2.0

Glass Cockpit and Pilot Panel Displays

  • “Instant-on” displays, so the car is ready to drive as soon as the driver sits down and buckles up.
  • New on-screen layout for the Glass Cockpit display, moving the controls for the most-used apps like Home, Navigation, Media, and Phone to make Lucid UX more ergonomically friendly than ever.
  • Updated Navigation and maps, with turn-by-turn directions now appearing on the center display directly ahead of the driver.
  • More-intelligent prediction of remaining range, so drivers know even better what they can expect on the road.
  • Do more with Alexa Built-In voice control, such as change the climate control settings for the rear seat.
  • A more user-friendly browsing experience for third-party media apps, making it easier to see options, select favorite tunes, and start listening more quickly.

DreamDrive and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

  • Highway Assist with active lane centering and adaptive cruise control, allowing for even greater driving comfort on long journeys.
  • Rear Pedestrian Collision Protection is now also enabled when the vehicle is in Drive and rolling backwards.
  • Improvements to visual cues for Park Distance Warning feature.

Intelligent Micro Lens Array Headlights

  • High Beam Assist that detects not only other vehicles, but other sources of nearby light, and automatically switches to low beams when most appropriate.
  • Automatic headlight leveling with sensor-based adjustments for height and vehicle angle in relation to the ground.

Vehicle Entry and Exit

  • New De-Ice Mode combines defrost, automatic wiper blade movement, and wiper fluid to clear ice that may be obstructing the view through the windshield.
  • A number of measures to make automatic locking and unlocking simpler, more intuitive, and more responsive with both the key fob and Mobile Key, as well as additional user-customizable settings.

”This latest software release incorporates numerous refinements – many based on owner feedback and ideas – which make Lucid Air even more enjoyable, convenient, and capable for our customers.” Said Derek Jenkins, Senior VP of Design and Brand

Lucid Air Software Update UX 2.0

How to download and Install the Lucid Air Software Update UX 2.0

We know just how eager you are to install the lucid air software update UX 2.0. Unfortunately, as is the case with other manufacturers like Tesla, there is no way to trigger the download to start and install right away.

This update will be made available through a series of over-the-air updates. When they are ready to install, you will receive prompts on your Pilot Panel or the Lucid mobile app.

Your thoughts

Are you one of the lucky ones that have already downloaded and installed the Lucid Air software Update UX 2.0? If so, we would love to know your install experience and early thoughts on the update.