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Jan 28, 2019
Most cars don’t have fancy software, but when it comes to Tesla’s this is the norm, with their cars getting several updates each year which continue to add new features and improve the car over time.  Sometimes Tesla even throw in some fun features called Easter eggs.
In this article we list all the Tesla Easter Eggs discovered to date.

Model Xmas \ Model X Light Show \ Model X Dance
Your Model X will perform a light show using the headlights, fog lights and turn signals. Music will play loudly, more specifically, Wizards in Winter by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  The front doors and the falcon wing back doors will open and close in time with the music, without assistance. The side mirrors will also retract in time with the music.
How To Activate: 
Press the Tesla “T” icon at the top of the touchscreen for 5 seconds. When a single water ripple away from the center of the “T” icon appears you can let go.
A text box appears, entering the word “ModelXmas” or the word...

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I have seen people mod their Teslas to do some pretty amazing things! I think this is one of the few truly "smart cars" out there. I think the fact that they are EVs is a secondary feature.