Anyone had this problem before?


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May 30, 2022
I was in the Llandovery Castle car park in South Wales last week, and the charger required a £30 prepayment. The unused money is credited back to the unit after billing. Unfortunately, two £30 prepayments were required. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
I believe it is operated by Carmarthenshire County Council, which I contacted, but after being transferred three times and put on wait for almost 20 minutes, I reached an unlisted voicemail!
Even the charge of £3.78 is excessive for 10kws that took roughly 90 minutes on a 50kwh charger.

please feel free and tell us in the comments
That seems a bit odd! I have not heard of this happening before, no. Have you reported it? I would maybe report this and see if someone can look into it for you.
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I never heard of them charging this much but I have a feeling this may have been a malfunction. As mentioned above, you should report it. Who knows if it was a bug or not but if it was, that should sort the issue.