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Jan 28, 2019
The Audi e tron is the first all electric car from the German car giant and you can place your order for one soon.
The highly anticipated Audi e tron has no exact release date just yet but has been previously disclosed by the company as early 2019 and indications are pointing towards an April 2019 launch.
The all new Audi e tron is a pure electric car with a 83.6 kWh (usable) battery.  It’s driven by two electric motors delivering a maximum output of 300 kW.  It’s top speed is 124 MPH and it can achieving 0-62 mph in a nifty 5.7 seconds.  You won’t need to worry about charging so often either with the WLTP ev range stated at 248 miles.

It comes with 2 charging ports, Type 2 will take 9 hours to charge to full at 11 Kwh (or 25mph) and CCS for fast charging.  It is one of the first production cars to enable 150Kw fast charging via CCS and can achieve around 180 miles of range in only 30...

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It will be interesting to see if the Audi e tron has an impact on the Jaguar iPace sales since they seem to be pitched at the same market and similar price points. Personally if I was in a position to buy one or the other, I’d go for the iPace. I think it’s a nicer shape and a Jag tends to be a bit more luxurious.

I notice the article doesn’t mention the fact that the e tron has cameras for mirrors on some models. I’d be interested to see how these work, i’d imagine it would take some getting used to. Has anyone any videos or more info on them?
I must say the e-tron is a nice car. Pity it’s so expensive. As you say it seems to be pitched at the same folks that could be considering an iPace. Are there many chargers around that output the 150Kw that it can handle?
This one looks pretty interesting and I think it would be in my price range. The thing that I will have to adjust to though is needing to wait for a full charge. Is 9 hours typical or standard with EVs?