Best second-hand EV as the first car?

Kevin C. Bolden

New member
Jan 27, 2020

I just moved to the US, I'm currently looking for a second-hand EV for my first electric car. I'm convinced there are several aspects to take into consideration, so I collected a few questions, you might be able to help me. The budget range I am thinking of is 30.000$-35.000$. I would be glad to have any info on:

• Power consumption of different EVs

• Recharge times

• The quality and reliability of the built-in navigational system

• Range calculation efficiency

• Battery lifespan - degradation over time? I’m wondering if I can trust a few years old model in this matter

• How hard is it to find a trustworthy service for EV's?

Thank you in advance!
I would go with something by Kia. That is the brand I have been looking at the most since they have a good amount of options and they are not super expensive. You don't have to get secondhand either. You can get the Niro EV for 39k USD with a rebate of up to 7,500 right now. Another option is the EV6 which is only slightly more and also has a rebate.