Best value?


New member
Jun 28, 2022
We're leaning towards getting an electric SUV as our family car. Would you say that Hyundai offers the best value on the market right now? I'm impressed with their warranty. I'm also leaning that way because they offer complimentary charges for two years after the purchase date. Buying a car is a big decision.
I think the Nissan Leaf is the best value, particularly if you're willing to buy used, or if you want a new one, are willing to go for last year's model. They've been around for ages, whereas Hyundai hasn't been making EVs that long. Hyundai's warranty is impressive, but it won't cover battery issues and the like.
I think it all depends on what will meet your needs. For instance, I need a vehicle that will comfortably sit a car seat and booster seat in the back. So, an affordable, but tiny car, wouldn't be much value to my family.
Ryder, Hyundai has that great warranty, and their cars are some of the most affordable on the market, so I can see why you find the maker appealing. Just make sure to do a test drive first. Some owners aren't happy with the headlights on their latest SUV.