DeLorean CEO States the Company Will Be a Full-Line Manufacturer


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Jan 28, 2019
DeLorean will not stick with a recreation of the DMC-12. According to what Joost de Vries told the guys from Electrify News, the idea is for the brand to become a “full-line manufacturer.” Interestingly, the company’s CEO said this is something DeLorean itself required.

If you are thinking about the only vehicle the brand has ever sold so far, that is just part of the story. De Vries said that the company’s archives revealed that DeLorean planned to have a four-door sedan, a city bus, a coupe, and many other model ideas. The executive also mentioned that design studios never stopped imagining new DeLorean products. That is something he intends to use to explain where the company was in these last forty years since it went bankrupt and where it will be in 2022.

That said, DeLorean will present four vehicles in the next 90 days. De Vries did not mention how these vehicles will be introduced, but it is pretty evident that they will be renderings and sketches about a DeLorean that never was. We’ll have a car for the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and the EVolved, which is the name the new production vehicle could have.

After the first new DeLorean makes its world premiere, we’ll see other vehicles. De Vries mentioned that the company planned to sell an updated version of the DMC-12 but that the lack of regulations prevented that. Far from being a hindrance, that ended up showing that the company had the opportunity to become what John DeLorean conceived it to be.

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