DeLorean Motors Associates with Karma Automotive Execs For Its New EV


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Jan 28, 2019
Delorean motor company evThe tweet DeLorean Motor Company published was just the beginning of what promises to be one of the most exciting stories in the last few months. We thought it would be just the people from the Texan company finally getting their cars to be sold. We were wrong: it is way more than that, and former Karma Automotive executives are involved.

A new Company, DeLorean Motors Reimagined LLC has formed. Its CEO is Joost de Vries, the same man who was the VP for global sales at Karma Automotive until August 2021. On his LinkedIn profile, he now states he is the CEO of DeLorean Motors Reimagined. He has been with the new company since December 2021. De Vries also included in his LinkedIn profile the sentence “The Future Was Never Promised,” which seems to be the motto for the new company.

We have learned that thanks to Troy Beetz, the CMO (chief marketing officer) for the new Delorean. He also worked for Karma Automotive until February 2022. Stephen Wynne, who used to run the Texan DeLorean Motor Company, is now in charge of the Classic DeLorean division of the company. Beetz promised to share more information soon.

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