DeLorean Says It's All-New EV Will Be A Driver's Delight


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Jan 28, 2019
And it will have gullwing doors.

According to DeLorean's new CEO, Joost de Vries, its new all-electric coupe will be a driver's car and not an homage to the famous movie car from Back to the Future.
De Vries spoke to Motor Authority recently and revealed some inside information about bringing the DeLorean name back to life. There were plans to electrify DMC-12 models using the former company's trademarks, parts, and assets, but the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act took too long to come into effect. Classic DeLorean currently owns all of the trademarks, surplus parts, and tooling needed to make the DMC-12.

Instead, an entirely new company needed to be registered. It's called the DeLorean Motor Company, which is the exact name John DeLorean used. And it made some big noise when it previewed its new car in February. Now, we have more info.

The next big step is finding the money. "You need a billion dollars to build an OEM, and that's the minimum," said de Vries.

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