Did anyone notice people getting worse?


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Jun 9, 2022
A see more and more complaints online as well as hear stories of people treating public EV chargers like petrol stations. They will park how they want and sit there and wait until their car is 100% knowing there are people waiting. Like, to me, you are meant to charge enough to get to your next destination or home (or both) and most people 95%+ do not need to recharge to 100% for this!!
Worse in terms of being decent in public spaces? People have always been terrible with driving and at the pump, it shouldn't surprise people to see this being carried over to EV stations.
Drivers of EV or standard will always have issues. Some people are just terrible on the road and they lose common decency.

I try to avoid crowded stations as is. I am not looking forward to public charging stations! lol
I haven't noticed a problem, but then again, maybe I am the problem person? What's the etiquette in this situation? I would never park in one of those spaces unless I'm actually charging my car, but I never thought about proper time limits for charging. It makes sense now that you've mentioned it, though.
Yes, it's gotten terrible here, @OnlyMe. I've driven up to charging stations and found their cords flopped on the ground in a tangled mess where the last person was too lazy to put them up neatly.

@Onward, I don't really care how long someone uses a charging station, but I get steamed when someone has fully charged their vehicle, but continues to hog it while they're messing about. When your car is charged, please unplug and move on, so someone else can use it.
So maybe we should have a personal charger in both the house and the office building.