Do you own an electric car?


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May 30, 2022
Do you drive an Electric Vehicle?
What are your thoughts as someone who has spent some time with it?
What benefits or drawbacks have you discovered in contrast to your previous vehicle? Please share your ideas in the comments section below!
I am in the market for one. This is one of the reasons I joined. I want to learn more about them and decide on the best option for me as well as getting the right set-up for home charging.
Buying one this year. I had intended on buying one next month but I may wait until August or September for prices to come down a bit for the 2022 models. Some people are telling me that buying in the fall is the best time.
Buying one, real soon!

I actually went to test drive a few over the weekend. I am hoping I can apply for a good loan and get one in the coming few weeks. Very excited!