Elon Musk just declared that he's selling 'almost all' of his physical belongings and 'will own no house,' and that Tesla's stock price is 'too high'

He tends to go off on one every so often. The share price looks to be recovering but that tweet wiped out about $14bn of value for Tesla and about $3bn of Musk's own wealth.

I think he's pissed that some people are saying he's only complaining about covid-19 lockdowns because he wants to open his factory because he's greedy and wants more money, he's was due a massive payout in share allocation if the Tesla market value stayed about $100bn, which it is still is.

I don't think he's that kind of guy, money isn't a driver for him, he's blown a lot of cash in the past without a second thought. Either way his tweets are sometimes frustrating and sometimes downright barmy!
From what I remember and know of him, He doesn't want to let his wealth control him and turn him into someone like Jeff Bezos. He wants to remain humble and focused on his mission... Which I believe is life on Mars. For what it is worth, I think the man is brilliant but also insane. I just hope he has a heart of gold or he can do a lot of damage to the future... Not only with his wealth but his technological advancements.