EO Mini Pro 2


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Jun 9, 2022
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Curious about this one. I was reading a few reviews on it and watched a couple of videos. It sounds like a solid option for someone who is tight on space and also wants a more compact charging station in general. I like the overall design of it. Has up to a 7.2kW, this likely depends on where you live and your home's electrical. Does anyone here use this one or are considering buying one? Any downsides?
I was looking at these because they aren't terribly expensive and not an eye sore to me. Trouble is, while it states it is "weather resistant" I have seen complaints about rain water getting inside. I need it to be outdoors and exposed to the elements as my place does not have a garage of any sort.
This was an option I was considering as my friend has it. It is pretty nice and she seems to have no issues with it. She said she did get a box cover for it as she found out there was rain getting inside the unit just as Matty mentioned. I think her husband made a custom acrylic box for it.