Fined for waiting to charge!


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Jun 9, 2022
A driver has complained after being slapped with a £100 fine for parking too long at a service station while charging their electric vehicle. They complained that although the time limit for parking is two hours, they had to wait an additional thirty minutes for a charger to become free.

This seems to be wrong on so many levels. How are people meant to know what the limit is for parking? On top of that, waiting periods to charge at some of these places can take HOURS. This sort of thing needs to be looked into and handled better.
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This is pretty messed up. I mean most people, as you mentioned, need to wait to charge. Sometimes it takes a while and if you are low, you can't exactly just drive away.
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Wow, this is not right. Considering the charging times and the lack of signs warning against it, one would think this is a ruling they would let go. I hope he fights the charges.
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How ridiculous! Since this happened earlier, I was hoping to find an update, thinking the ticket had surely been fixed. No such luck. What a strange world we live in where waiting to charge your electric vehicle leads to a fine.