Guide To Solar Panel EV Charging


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Jun 9, 2022
I found a guide online that I thought might be useful for anyone looking to set up a solar system for charging their EV.

I know there are more options and video guides but this is a good beginner guide that breaks things down to help you understand placement, cost, etc.

Solar panels and electric vehicles are a match made in heaven – it’s a partnership that will leave you with a smaller carbon footprint and more money in the bank.

If you already own an electric vehicle (EV), you’ll have noticed more and more places to charge your car popping up across the UK. You can now find them at workplaces, on residential streets, and in town centres, public car parks, and motorway service stations.

But although this is fantastic news for EV owners, home charging points might be an even better option – and we’re here to show you why.
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There are tons of different ways to do this, it just matters what you are working with. I am not sure how I would manage one of these. I would like to invest in some sort of set up in the future though just to save on money.
There are some options as well where you can use smaller ones just to top up your battery. They go on the window using suction pads. A friend at work is using 2 of these in his back windows and it seems to give him an extra 7 to 10% boost!
Thanks for sharing, @OnlyYou. That's the best guide that I've seen so far. It's easy to follow.

Do you know which ones she bought, Matty? I'm interested in getting some, but the reviews seem all over the place for different models. It's hard to tell which reviews have been sponsored and which ones haven't. I'd much rather go with a direct opinion.
Thanks for the guide, @OnlyYou. I wish they put solar panels on our cars. I'm sure there's a good reason why it hasn't happened yet, though.