Have you ever utilized an ALFA charging station?


New member
May 30, 2022
We're staying in a hotel in Derbyshire that has ALFA charging stations, but there doesn't appear to be an APP for them, and ALFA is tough to contact. We may not need to recharge, but if we do, it will be convenient because we can charge it overnight. Also, why are charging stations so costly? My supplier charges £0.17 per KW during peak hours and £0.05 during off-peak hours, yet most charge points with significant capacity - 40KW or more - charge roughly £0.4 per KW, while the remainder price around £0.3. Tesco's POD Points are free, but they appear to be slow. I plugged in my electric car for an hour and it only added 1% to the battery! Is this a common occurrence, or was there an exception?