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Jan 28, 2019
The price of fuel at the pump in the UK has rapidly increased in recent months, adding to the ongoing cost of living crisis affecting millions. What effect has this had on drivers’ willingness to switch to electric vehicles (EVs)?

As a result of record fuel and diesel prices, 48% of UK car owners are interested in buying a battery-powered vehicle to replace their fuel-driven vehicles as soon as possible.

Earlier this year, the average cost to fill up a 55-liter tank of fuel in an average family car exceeded £100 for the first time.

Over 2,000 UK car owners who participated in a survey by The Motor Ombudmans revealed that petrol and diesel powered vehicles are most concerning to individuals between the ages of 16 and 24 (64%), as well as those in Greater London (65%).


A similar percentage of males and females are hesitant about owning a petrol or diesel vehicle at a time when petrol and...

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I am seeing this everywhere, not just in the UK. I think the US is getting hit really hard right now as a lot of people are not used to spending this much on gas over there. I read some stories of people saying they are spending 25% of their paycheck just to get to and from work. That is crazy!
So long as they keep affordable options, more and more people will make the switch. For anyone that doesn't need to drive far and doesn't have a large family, the mini models are often the most affordable and convenient. I notice a lot more people around where I live driving them.