Jaguar To Turn All Electric By 2025?


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Jun 9, 2022
This is something I only just heard. With the EV Land Rover coming out in 2024, I have to wonder if they will actually get this done. Going fully electric for an entire brand can be costly, however, given the current prices of driving conventional, it seems as though they may set a trend for other companies that will spread. Maybe all cars will be electric come 2030 and they will stop making all conventional ones. What about hybrids? Who knows!
They are pushing it through, even with production struggling to keep up with them. I mean right now, they can't even make enough charging stations. What do they expect to come of this? We are having issues with battery factories, charging ports, and general parts for many EV cars and now brands like this want to force their hand.
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Brands like this will always be the first when it comes to trends. They can afford to do this.

I think this may hurt their value though as there are other brands that offer more options that are not locked in with certain batteries or lack of hybrid options.
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That is why I am thinking. They clearly have the money to be risking this but without the established factories and charging stations, what do they expect people will do if they intend on buying one of their new EVs?