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Jan 28, 2019
As of last Friday, Lucid is doing well with the latest lucid air software update version 1.2.6. Nevertheless, there will be times when software updates end up bricking cars, just as can happen with smartphones and tablets. 

In the case of one Air owner, The OTA update wasn’t kind to him. It was a surprise to the owner after 3-4 hours of waiting for the update to complete that he found an error message inside his Air sedan. “Software Update Failed – Vehicle May Not Be Drivable.” read the message.


According to the owner who posted about the experience on the Lucid Owners Forum, the car appeared to be totally dead at this point. There was a problem unlocking the doors, and the Lucid Air Software update showed 0% completed. Through the trunk, the owner was able to open the Air’s doors mechanically, which allowed him to access the interior. 

Despite Lucid’s customer...

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This is one of my biggest worries and concerns with EVs and moving more toward "smart cars". I know my husband's current car can be jail-breaked which I would imagine more are familiar with the term. I worry people will start hacking cars!