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Jan 28, 2019
This article contains the official Lucid Air software update 2.0.52 release notes

Scheduled Charging.


You can now schedule when your Lucid Air will charge, allowing you to pick the most convenient time to replenish your battery. To schedule charging, tap the Vehicle button on the Pilot Panel > Charging > Schedule. Pick your preferred time, then tap Confirm.

Scheduled Charging lets you set when your vehicle will start charging, even if you plug in beforehand. For example, you might select 10:00 PM to take advantage of off-peak electricity hours.

The way Scheduled Charging is configured, there is a predetermined, system-defined window during which you can plug in, but charging will not start until your scheduled time. If you plug in outside this window, charging will begin immediately. These times will be displayed under your scheduled charging time on the Pilot Panel.

To modify your...

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