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Jan 28, 2019
This article contains the official Lucid Air software update 2.0.55 release notes

Updates & Optimizations.

With this update, we’re delivering improvements for your Lucid Air’s onboard connectivity, diagnostics, and wireless communication systems.  We’re also optimizing your new Scheduled Charging feature, as well as your vehicle’s powertrain and seats.

If you’re using non-Lucid charging equipment that also has scheduled charging, use the Pilot Panel to schedule charging instead to avoid a timing conflict and ensure charging begins when you want it to.

Known Issues \ Bugs:

LiDAR WarningWhen driving in rain this version introduced a “LiDAR Blocked” message to appear. This issue is occurring in both light and heavy rain. Highway Assist will disengage when the LiDAR is blocked

Silent RadioWhen entering car the radio doesn’t start automatically as it should. Driver is greeted with silence. Pressing the Music App \ Station of choice does trigger the...

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