Mercedes called 999 after car crash!


Jun 9, 2022
I heard this story at work earlier today and had to find the story and share it here.

So this man was drunk driving and crashed, his Mercedes ended up calling 999 as a result and busted him!

A bloke has been handed a 25-month driving ban after his own car called the cops on him following a drink driving incident.

Alan McShane, 37, was found to be more than three times over the legal alcohol limit when officers intercepted his crashed car.

The Mercedes EQC had notified authorities of the incident after it registered the collision.

McShane, an engineer from Newcastle, had spent a night out watching his hometown club beat Arsenal before the incident happened, Newcastle Magistrate's Court heard.
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Wow! This sounds like something my sister's ex would have done. Not known what was happening and all. This man sounds like a right mess. I don't know how you own a luxury car and not know the basic safety features!