Mini Cooper Convertible


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Jul 19, 2022
Have you guys seen the Mini Cooper Convertible that's making its way around the web? It's a dazzling EV, and perhaps the first EV convertible. Unfortunately, the company is calling it a one-off concept car, so it doesn't look like the vehicle will make its way to public any time soon. Its specs aren't all that impressive, since they basically just mirror the Cooper SE Hardtop. However, being able to drive around in a convertible this summer is a nice enough draw on its own. I wonder why they don't plan to manufacture them for the public?
It looks like a pretty sweet ride, and most enthusiasts are giving it favorable reviews from what I've seen. If consumers express lots of interest, the company just might design one for the general public.
I doubt it, @EmilyS, at least not until the tech improves. I'm betting that the convertible top is heavy, which is probably harder on the battery. Plus, when the top is down, that will increase the wind drag, which will affect the vehicle's speed and will also drain the battery. Doable on a hybrid, but probably not doable on an EV beyond their stunt car.
It's sleek and impressive. However, I bet raising and lowering the convertible top significantly drains the battery. No doubt about it, though, that Mini would be a fun car to drive on a nice spring day.
Perhaps they're using this design as the test model to gauge interest. Maybe I'm alone in this, but I think we'll see one on the market soon.