Need a help with EV


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Jul 24, 2022
Hi there,A friend of mine has a trouble with the battery of his EV. He is concerned that the record of the charging hours is incorrect. Does anybody here know how to check/ change?

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How long has your friend had the vehicle? Unfortunately, just like with laptops and phones, the car battery has a finite lifespan. It stops holding a charge eventually. They're very expensive to replace, too.
Is it a 2019? I believe there's been a recall on some of those. Moisture was able to get inside and cause a short circuit. Check this out and see if it applies to his car. Those cars are pricey. It's a shame that he's having trouble with the battery. I hope he gets it worked out. He should be able to go about 200+ miles in the car before needing to recharge the battery.