Nissan Leaf Dog Mode


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Feb 27, 2019
I was chatting with a friend recently about tesla dog mode and she asked me if there was such a thing as "nissan leaf dog mode". I've done some digging and whilst there is no equivalent function built into the leaf for dog mode, there is a supposedly a work around that can achieve similar results.

You can leave the vehicle ON with AC turned on, take the keys when you exit the vehicie and lock it. The AC will remain running this way.

I don't have a nissan leaf to check if the above works or not. I'll ask me friend to test it the next time I meet with her but I thought I'd post this incase it is useful for anyone.

Of course if your going to try this only do so with no animal in the car unless your sure it works!
I had no idea Tesla had a dog mode! That is pretty cool and such a brilliant idea.

I mean anytime I have had a pet in the car, I would have the AC running, even if it was not hot out. Just so I can keep the windows up if I had to run in somewhere real fast.
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I have seen this before in the Tesla. Loved the idea.

I think more cars will adopt similar, especially since it is becoming less of a luxury feature.