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Jan 28, 2019
The highly anticipated Nissan Leaf E Plus boasts a 62 kWh Battery with a 220-mile range.
Following the sales success of the new Nissan LEAF, the company announces the new LEAF E+ models set for release in the first half of 2019.  Release dates vary as below depending on where you are located.
Japan – January 2019
U.S. – Spring 2019
Europe – Summer 2019
You can pre-order from today, Jan 9th, 2019 with UK Pricing starting at £36,795.

62 kWh battery
239 mile range (40%+ increase over the 40 kWh version)
160 kW Electric Motor
8 years/100,000 m Battery Warranty
70 kW (100 kW peak) Quick Charging system (vs. less than 50 kW)

With the more powerful motor, acceleration from 50mph to 75mph is nearly 13% quicker.  While the top speed (97mph) has also increased from the 40kWh version by approximately 10%.

The Nissan LEAF was the highest selling electric vehicle (EV) in Europe in 2018.  With the release of the e plus models it look like Nissan is set to continue...

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Nice to see the leaf getting a bigger battery and more range. The 2018 leaf is a much nicer design than the last model. Plenty of gadgets too. Saying that, if the Model 3 comes down in price it would be a better buy in terms of size and range.
The Leaf Teckna is a nice grade, though the amp for the audio upgrade is in a silly place in the boot. No idea why they put it there.
The 2022 Leaf ended up being better IMO. I remember wanting this car when it was first announced but now I have my eye on the 2023 model. Assuming it is released in the UK. I have not looked into it much yet.