Road trip in all EV?

Road Warrior

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Jul 21, 2022
Has anyone done it? I'd be driving from Kentucky to Florida. It's about a 12-hour trip, depending on traffic. I've mapped out my route, so I can charge my vehicle along the way. I've been watching some YouTube videos about road tripping in an EV, and am torn between trying it, or just renting a gas-powered car for the trip.
Sure, if I was taking the trip alone or with my spouse. If the kids are coming along, then I wouldn't consider it. I'd have to keep them entertained while the car charges.
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I would, even with kids tagging along with me. Many restaurants have charging stations nearby, so it's easy to charge your EV while getting a meal. It's the same with tourist attractions. Many of those will have charging stations nearby. That should keep everyone entertained. I say go for it.
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Thanks for replying, @Dole and @Arkansas. You've given me lots to think about. We're going mid-August, so I'm still weighing the pros and cons. It will be hot in August, that means running the air conditioner, which will drain the battery. Gas prices are high, or so I keep hearing, so I still might be better off with my EV.
I've done it before and regretted the decision. Although I never lacked for a charging station when I needed it, I was stressed about it the whole time. Traffic jams caused major anxiety, because I was worried I'd run out of battery power and get stuck. In the end, everything was okay, but I wouldn't do it again. If you're more relaxed on trips, then it will probably be fine.