Sleek and speedy, but there are drawbacks


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Jul 16, 2022
I normally drive a different model, but a colleague has the flashy Tesla, and he let me take it for a spin. It's a sleek car that handles well and looks cool, but it also has plenty of drawbacks. Its technology screams luxury, but it's also what makes it difficult to operate because it's not intuitive at all. To put it in perspective, I felt like I was moving from a Windows operating system to a Mac, with no idea of what to do. I feel like it could be dangerous if a downpour starts, because you have to fiddle with a yoke to get the wipers going, and it's so easy to select the wrong thing, because you're driving while doing it. There's also no side mirrors! I prefer the ones that fold in and out as needed. I want the option to use them. It has plenty of trunk space, and it's roomy inside, but the technology killed it for me. What do you guys think of the car? Although my colleague loves the Model S, it's not for me.
I'm pretty sure that it has side mirrors, since they're usually required by law in most states. Maybe you were looking at the tech panels inside and just didn't notice them. Tesla's latest model is gorgeous, but no way would I pay that much for a vehicle. The Plaid version is over $130k.
I've driven the 2022 version as well, and while I liked the extra trunk space, I thought the interior was tight. Add a car seat and there's not much room in the back.
You could be right about that, @Ryder. He was showing me the bells and whistles while I was driving us around, so maybe I missed it, and he didn't realize that I had failed to deploy the side mirrors. They didn't pop out automatically, but he might've disabled the feature.

@Kells, the back looked roomy to me, but car seats do take up a lot of room.