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Jan 28, 2019
New Tesla 250 kW Superchargers can charge at 1000 miles per hour.
The all new V3 superchargers bring significant benefits over the previous versions.  Consisting of A 1MW cabinet and a liquid cooled cable Tesla vehicles will be able to achieve 75 miles range for just 5 minutes of charge.  This equates to around 1000 mph and enables Tesla’s to charge faster than any other electric vehicle on the market today.
The V3 Tesla 250 kW Superchargers can output the full rate even when there are 2 vehicles charging.  This is contrary to V2 charges where if a second vehicles starts charging form the same charger the electricity output drops by 50%.
The Tesla Model 3 is currently the only vehicle in the Tesla fleet that can handle the full 250 kW charge rate so older cars should not expect the full charge rate.  The Model Y which is to be unveiled next week is also expected to handler the full 250 KW charge rate.


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