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Jan 28, 2019
Tesla has launched 2 new colours for Model Y vehicles that are produced in Giga factory in Berlin.  The new colours are Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver.  

We have shared some images and videos below of the new colours which are pretty nice looking.  Surprisingly, the colours are replacing 2 of the existing colours.  Midnight Silver Metallic is replaced with QuickSilver and Multi Coat Red is replaced with Midnight Cherry Red.  This is likely to keep manufacturing complications to a minimum as Giga Berlin is ramping up production.

The prices of the new colours have also seen a significant increase.  Previously Midnight Silver Metallic was €1600, its replacement QuickSIlver now costs €3000.  The Multi Coat Red replacement, Midnight Cherry Red is now €3200, a €1200 increase.  These are obviously substantial increases, but we expect them to be popular colours,  Tesla owners have often complained about the limited number of colours avaiable to them, whilst the...

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