Thoughts on the NV200 COMBI?


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Jun 9, 2022
When I first saw this EV, I thought it was an unfinished design. To me, it seems boring and almost an eyesore because of the way the body is cut into for the doors and the overall look of it reminds me of those ugly vans from the '90s. It has nice features for a growing family, but it is... It is ugly!

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This is the first I've come across the NV200 Combi to be honest, and as you have said, it is hideous! Even that colour is awful!

It has lots of seats and functionality which is great for familys. There aren't too many fully electric 7 seaters out there yet to choose from so its a shame this one doesn't have the looks to match.
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Yeah, that is not an attractive car, to say the least.
I am guessing they were going more for function than form but there have been PLENTY of family vehicles that have both and look good while functioning great for larger families.