Will the Kia eNiro have the same colour options?


Jun 9, 2022
The stock colour options for the standard (non-EV) are the following:
  • Steel Gray
  • Snow White Pearl
  • Runway Red
  • Deep Cerulean
  • Aurora Black Pearl
  • Solar Orange
  • Horizon Blue

Do you think the new eNiro will stick with these same options?

2022 kia niro steel gray 300x1692022 kia niro snow white pearl 300x1682022 kia niro runway red 300x1692022 kia niro deep cerulean 300x1692022 kia niro aurora black pearl 300x1692022 kia niro solar orange 300x1692022 kia niro horizon blue
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I think Kia tends to stick with the same colours across the board for the most part. I think this is a good enough selection. Most people seem to go with white, black, or gray anyways.
Which colour would you say you like most?

I think they will have all the same. I personally think the Deep Cerulean and Snow White Pearl look best on most Kia models.