Worried about battery fires?


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Jul 15, 2022
As the world heats up more and more, it feels like I'm living in a furnace this summer. The United States is seeing record temps. Are you concerned that your car's battery might catch on fire? I bought my Leaf in 2018 and the thought of my car catching on fire, didn't even enter my mind then.
I've heard about that. However, I've also heard the same tale about the dangers of cell phones and laptops overheating, but it's never happened to me or anyone I know. Maybe we've just been lucky, but I think there's a lot of concern out there that gets overstated.
That sounds like a valid concern, particularly if you live in a hot climate. I guess you could carry a fire extinguisher or two if you're really worried about it.
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Yeah, I'm probably worried over nothing. I just saw a news story about it and started freaking out. I live in Florida, and it's absolutely sizzling down here. That's a good idea about the fire extinguisher. I'll grab one the next time I'm out.