Would distant cottages without a charger allow a customer to bring an extension cord and charge their electric vehicle?


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May 30, 2022
Hotel reception said they had no EV charger yet but offer a free extension lead from the hotel.
Would remote cottages without a charger be able to allow a customer to bring an extension lead and charge their electric car?

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I am not really sure about this one. I think as public chargers expand, this will become less of an issue. Most hotels seem to be the last to make moves on issues like these!
Cottages maybe, hotels? I don't think they would. It seems like most hotels are either equipt for charging or they are not. I only can think of a few that are. Most of them are luxury hotels.
I think you would have to ask. It is probably best to ask before booking anything. I am sure some have options in place.

I have no experience with this so I am not really sure on who allows charging or provides it.